Ohm govt officialsaya Namaha:

 Last time I cant complete the discussion But I think it is better to leave MINK there because when I tried to talk about it I forced to live it there. Now I am dealing with a problem, in my own life. I tried to took a passport. I never imagine that it is complicated process.

Now according to new law by government we have submit our birth certificate for every govt. officials. So naturally I was asked to submit mine. It is just to check whether your birth certificate says the same as your Tenth certificate about your date of birth.  I know that for me there is a 9 moths difference. Now I am taking chakkar around related offices for changing my date of birth. This may will take an year or more. So down-the-line I have to forgot about my passport.

I don't understand why when people are placed in reputed position, they forget that they are there to serve the public, and we are give them their daily bread. I know if I say this to some officers they immediately said they didn't take bread. So I always keep silent even though I feel anger. I wait for so many hours and manage to get someone then they said come in another day, we have to do this or that. That is why I hate government officials.