Monday, February 8, 2010

Ideas Vs Corporate...

I always wonder why corporate people are so concerned about the new and crazy ideas.... For me, one always follows the other, then what is matter if you have an idea or not. But I failed to understand the thing that there should be something to follow.

When I came to know something about the world of time-machine (corporate) I found that the ideas are really plays a vital role in the success and failure of an organization, ideas can promote and deprive the process, the entire input. There is no way to create the business without ideas. Most of the ideas are from the newcomers, it is not important if it is innovative or not, only matter is it communicates or not.

“There is no way to create wealth without ideas. Most of the new ideas are created by newcomers. So any one who thinks the world is safe for an incumbent is dead wrong"- Gary Hamel

Why I put the quote here when I read this I become quit nervous, only who can have ideas can survive here, then what happens to me. Then after passing through those lines I felt good because "The New Comers" create the ideas. I am a new comer....

But it is of sure that we can't define a newcomer. Because a person comes with an idea may spend so much time on it. So in that sense he can't be a new comer. Of course for some crazy ideas it may come instant. People are always get attracted to those instant crazy ideas...that make others to follow. The new generation ads are always remarkable, some are crazy, funny, and serious but all are new. Zoozo, Pug ad, idea cellular, Tata tea ads, Mentos etc make people to laugh and think. Not only these ads every single decision companies looking for new ideas.

Now they get lots of ideas, some times they failed to abstract the apt one from a lot. One the selection process they may discard the good one and select the other, because of the idea pool. Most company’s go for the new ideas on the time of launching new product/ service. As they failed to implement the best one, the product will fail in the market. This can called the failure of idea management.

So what ever may be ideas are important- to exist in the market or the existence of the business, to meet the competition and so on….

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