Monday, September 13, 2010


I am deeply thinking about myself. Someone today told me that I am a decent girl. I really don't understand what is that? Is decency is really good? People sometimes overtake you and you can't react in a bolder way because you are so polite and you can't say no to people. I want to say no and yes to people. Sometimes people doesn't consider that you have your own opinion. They thought that decent people can adjust with anythings and we don't need to consider them.

But when such people need any help from these decent people, they are not ashamed and sometimes it seems that they are ordering to poor decent. I hate those kind of persons who take decisions without taking care of others feeling..... The very selfish shameless people, only think about their own comforts and imposes their decision on others. If we tries to oppose it that makes you the person disliked by others. If you tried to adjust you have to adjust your whole life....

It is ok if you are adjusting something for those people who loves you or you are adjusting in love. But for these mean people Why? The answer for these when ever I asked to myself I got is like this, In a group you have to neglect this. But am not satisfied with the answer. It is not like that. In a group everyone has the equal importance. So it is all in me, mistakes in me. I don't want to be decent. I want little bit arrogant and rude too....... Who cares otherwise...???

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