Monday, February 28, 2011

Collage and College

What is great in this??? You may think the same. But when you make mistake like this at the PG level something is there, it is understood that no great things( PG stands for post graduation, in a collEge life you may have so many PGs) I done the mistake today in my request for reimbursement. Like as the old says " Mongan erunna pattinte thalayil enthoo... veenu", the great mistake become a reason to make fun and the same can delay the cash-flow. But I really feel embarrassed, not because I made the mistake, but because they found that.. (Hehe) I always like that. My great thought

"There is nothing wrong in making mistake, and it is a great talent if nobody catch you for that".

But today I failed to hide a simple spelling mistake... Shame on you.... But it can happen, right? ya, In the lifetime of every great people, there is something like this :P

Learning- College-institution, academic. Collage- Collection, patchwork... What a difference ( but for us both are somewhat same:-) )

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