Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lost dReAms.........

When we talk about the lost ones, people will have different counts. Some may have many, a tittle or for some luckiest it is little. There are also those unfortunate ones who may have countless numbers in the lost category. I belonged to the latter one. I don't know whether it is because I dreamed a lot or am being so fictional.

None ever came to know about my dreams because they remains dreams or lost-dreams.When our dreams get true people came to knew about that it was your dream to be so, only then. I always believe that crying and being sad is very private to an individual and one should share such moments only with oneself. This belief helped me to keep my lost stories to myself and I never let anybody know about my tears. Anyway what people can said about your loss, " don't worry, its not for you and there will be something better is kept for you, try hard and all bla bla bla..." We can have better word for our-self.

One of my expensive dreams is to see one of my dreams to be real. When I came to know the fact that dreams are not only those which are seen when your eyes were closed, I came to know about the pain of loosing one........

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