Thursday, August 30, 2012


Today I came to read about an article by AINS which is an analysed report about research on the increasing use of internet among teenagers. The report says that the teenagers are very much addicted to the new media. The social networking sites become an unavoidable part of their daily life, a habit. The very adverse effect is that they can't control the time which they spent in front of the machine. Once who people are addicted to the Television in that way the youth are addicted to internet. The younger generation doesn't have any specification to use the network, once they log in to some sites they will get into another and in search of something get into another and so on. This must be counted as a power packed drug that lead them in weak both physically and mentally.

This was the content of that article, it also says that continuous use of network create some stomach appetites, by not keeping your diet healthfully.

I agree with the fact that youth are addicted to the network. But no control over it? that is not truth. T^hey are basically use the network, because the world where they live demand it and the only way they found keeping there relation is the networking sites. And also the social networking medias become one of the most powerful tool for marketing. Different companies taking this profile to understand their customer. When some one is logged into the site, looking for something may pass to another because, they need more clarification or the marketing effectiveness of some company.

In this limited time of daily life business every one is going for shortcut. So if the information is on your thumb why you are searching in self, to get the same data. I am not trying to say that network is only mean good, ya of course it have the adverse effect, but we cant limited or controlling the use of internet in specific scheduled because this is a global media.........

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