Thursday, August 30, 2012

Relational Confusion!!!!!

Now these days I am thinking too much about Relations ( doesn't mean I found a new relation). I am worrying about the instability of the relation, people are flexible....... in all means. In our present wold no one is really sincere to anyone...Relations seems sometimes for a step to success or for to meet the daily business.

I am not talking about any particular type, it can reflected in all sort of relation including parent-children to the modern trend friendships. They get together with very soon without knowing each other and also break-up very soon. Actually people are not care about these, having very busy schedule. Now these days parent-children relation are also ruined.. No one find any value in any of the relations. Friends once the term was celebrated as the top most position in the relation list. Now there is the most popular instinct friendship.... People see, with in no time become friends and went off. Its like saying hi and bye simultaneously.

There is a common statement for this problem, this is a very busy world and people should be in hurry. No time  to know other person and since you are living in a society you need peple to take care of some of your things. For different needs you keep different relations and pretends being wonderful in commitment. Like what the old says its Kalikalam.....

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